Youtube Views Play a Vital Role in Your Channel's Growth

You have created a youtube channel that has great content. But what if it does not get a good number of views. No worries, you are not alone; many YouTubers struggle with views on the video. 

How to get real youtube views?

How to get real views on your channel is one of the biggest questions? Let’s explore the below-mentioned points to know more about it:

a) Start with your channel icon. A channel icon represents your channel. Seeing the logo, people get an idea about the channel. Thus, the icon should be impressive. Make sure to upload the quality picture with all the editing to grab people’s attention. You can use the different free tools to design your channel logo or icon. An impressive icon attracts the audience and can increase youtube views.

b) The next thing that you need to focus on is your channel’s name. Don’t rush. Take your time to make your channel name catchy. Try to relate its name to your content. Also, make it easy for people to talk about it. A unique and catchy name can bring more people to your channel. For example, if you want to start a cooking channel, “The Foodies” could be a nice name.

Youtube Views

c) You will be creating different videos for your audience on your youtube channel. Each video is going to have a thumbnail. A thumbnail is a picture that you can add to your video. When people scroll on youtube and get suggestions for your videos, the thumbnail is the first thing they see. If they find it interesting, the next thing they do- click on the video to watch it. 

d) The most important thing to get real youtube views is the video content. Make sure to create unique content. Even it is informative, try to make it more interesting so your audience does not lose interest. For example, you can tell a story that connects with your viewers. They say that the first thirty seconds are the most critical part of your video. These seconds either make your video or break it. Try effective ways to capture the viewer’s attention in those thirty seconds. 

e) Check the most popular videos related to your content and create videos covering the same topic. It does not mean that you should go for copying the exact content. Use your ideas without going on the track of plagiarism. There is a suggested section on the sidebar. A person gets the next video suggestion based on the last watched video. When you create content related to one of the popular videos, the chances for your video’s suggestion increases. 



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